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Why Do You Need a Window Squeegee

What to Look For In a Window Cleaning Squeegee

When choosing a quality window cleaning squeegee, there are a few things you will need to take into consideration first. Such as the size of the squeegee, the better on fit the window, the less work and mess you will deal with. The kind of squeegee handle will also be a factor due to the fact different types work better for specific windows. There are two varieties to choose from, these are a rigid or swivel, with latter is generally used for round or unusually shaped windows.

A window cleaning squeegee which is as wide as your windows also helps prevent streaking and drips, so make sure you choose the right size for smaller windows. For bigger windows, a squeegee which is around half the size of your window works best, as a slight overlap will not be a problem. No one wants to use a small squeegee and have to perform multiple passes over a window.

A squeegee usually comes with a durable rubber blade, so make sure the blade is firm but flexible. Plus, check the label to make sure the cleaning supplies you will use will not damage the blade. As the edges of the blade start to wear down or get rough, the blade will have to be turned over. When that side wears down, the blade will need replacing entirely. This is important to know beforehand, so you stock up on them.

Because squeegee sizes do vary, some people buy more than one size. You should still order blades in bulk, as this can save money. Also, on the other size of some squeegees, there is often a wool buffer, this is used to wash the windows.

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