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The Window Cleaning Services We Offer

Are you looking for a reliable company that offers quality window cleaning services at affordable rates? If the answer to this question is yes, then Precise Cleaning Service LLC is the company that will meet your requirements. Our customers depend on us to provide friendly, honest, and hardworking staff to service their needs. So, you can be sure that if you hire us, you will receive the quality you expect and deserve.

Our services

Window cleaning requires attention to detail, precision, and quality cleaning products. Precise Cleaning Service LLC provides all three. We meticulously and diligently clean and maintain windows for residential and commercial spaces, leaving windows spot, streak, and smudge-free.

Based in Prairieville, LA, we are renowned throughout the local area for our dedication, reasonable rates, and timely response. With many years of professional experience in this field of work, we guarantee that we’ll leave you with windows far brighter and cleaner than ever before. Thanks to our dedication to delivering a high-quality service to all of our customers, we can confidently say that we are the premier cleaning company in Prairieville, LA. Our cleaning specialists are extremely thorough and will do their best to render every nook and cranny and hard-to-reach space spotless. With highly trained staff and professional equipment, we are the perfect choice for your window washing services.

With tasks like window washing, our professional results always look better! When you measure the cost of having the experts from our company clean your own windows against the cost of investing in all the professional cleaning solutions, squeegees, static-free rags, ladders, extension poles, and other equipment you will need to get the same results, it makes the cost of paying for window cleaning seem much more reasonable. Want to learn more about our comprehensive skills and reliable services? Give us a call at (225) 412-9087 today!

Ever since we hired this company for the janitorial needs of my business, our facility has been sparkling clean! My whole team and I are impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the cleaning crew, and we look forward to each one of their visits! Highly recommended!


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